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163-91) is that which has been seen to be the lynchpin of her general theories, namely, the fidelity and endurance of the ancient teachings and practices, not only from the time of the prophet, but even from pre-Zoroastrian times. Historia, Pluralitas, Universitas: Festschrift für Helmut Humbach  zum 80 … eds., M. Schmidt and W. Bisang, Trier, 2001, pp. The year 1977 saw the publication of one of her finest works, based on her 1963-64 field-work and entitled A Persian stronghold of Zoroastrianism. Two particularly important works are her A Reader in Manichaean Middle Persian and Parthian, 1975; and A Word-List of Manichaean Middle Persian and Parthian, 1977. Her sadly unfinished HZ IV (With Albert de Jong, Parthian Zoroastrianism, 2 vols., HO, Leiden, forthcoming) will continue the narrative down to the end of the Arsacid period. repr., 1996), Boyce began with a substantial discussion of the pre-Zoroastrian religion (pp. 229-45). 305-06. Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. She was so keen to perpetuate the study of Zoroastrianism that in her will she bequeathed her estate to SOAS for the founding of a professorship in Zoroastrian studies and her library to The Ancient India & Iran Trust, Cambridge, of which she was an Honorary Fellow. Mary Boyce was born in India where her father, William H. Boyce, was a High Court Judge in Calcutta. Samuel Lieu, Manichaeism in the Later Roman Empire and Medieval China: a Historical Survey [with a foreword by Mary Boyce], Manchester, 1985, repr., 1999 (unofficial external supervision, D.Phil. She was born in Darjeeling where her parents were vacationing to escape the heat of the plains during the summer. In the same year she published the first volume of her magnum opus, The History of Zoroastrianism, which appeared in the monograph series Handbuch der Orientalistik (Leiden:Brill). Lincoln 1985 … The Pahlavi Rivāyat accompanying the Dādestān ī Dēnīg, 2 vols., Copenhagen, 1990 (Ph.D. thesis, University of London, 1984). In a purely academic study of religion it is possible to make a subjective choice of what seems significant whereas encounters with a living faith force one to accept its adherents’ own understanding of its essentials, which are likely, moreover, to be embodied in its main observances.” Having studied with devout priests, she came to take a different view of priesthood from that which had dominated Protestant scholarship as exemplified by J. H. Moulton (Early Zoroastrianism, Hibbert Lectures, London, 1913, pp. Aḥmad Tafażżolī, M.A., University of London, 1965 (studies commenced under Henning and concluded with Boyce and MacKenzie); “A Critical Edition and Translation of the Ninth Book of the Dēnkard,” unpubl. Guba, E.G. In 1963–64, Boyce spent a research year among orthodox Zoroastrians of the 24 villages of Yazd, Iran. Thus in HZ II (Under the Achaemenians, HO I.1.2.2A, Leiden, 1982; as well as in her “The Religion of Cyrus the Great,” Proceedings of the London 1985 Achaemenid History Workshop, eds., A. Kuhrt and H. Sancisi-Weerdenburg, Achaemenid History III, Leiden, 1988, pp. 365f. 65, 87-94); Narten apud Boyce, new foreword to HZ I, 3d repr., 1996, p. xiv, and suggested as quite probably so in Narten apud Hintze, BSOAS 65/1, 2002, p. 32; q.v. Dissertations or studies under Boyce’s guidance. 447-59. Idem, Daily Telegraph, 28 April 2006, p. 27, reprinted in FEZANA Journal 19/3, Summer 2006, p. 125. 10-11. 45, Berlin, 1960). “Zoroastrianism,” The Penguin Handbook of Living Religions, ed., John Hinnells, Harmondsworth, 1984; repr. Frantz Grenet, Stud. Moṣṭafi Farhudi, Eṭṭelāʿāt, 15 Tir 1383 Š./5 July 2006, p. 6. 236-60. Dean Boyce will officially take over as Provost starting July 1, 2021. E. Yarshater, Cambridge, 1983, pp. Ph.D. 43-53. Gignoux, Catalogue des sceaux, camées et bulles sasanides de la Bibliothèque Nationale et du Musée du Louvre II: Les sceaux et bulles inscrits, BSOAS 44/3, 1981, pp. 84-85) and the gahāmbārs including Nowruz (ZACV, pp. 31-66) and “The Manichean Literature in middle Iranian,” (pp. 908-15; “Some Parthian abecedarian hymns,” BSOAS 14/3, 1952, pp. Login to Scholar to join and create private or public communities, connect with peers, comment on updates and create publishable works. 104-05; see NOWRUZ i). Mary_Boyce - WikiMili, The Free Encyclope thesis, University of London, 1985). Gherardo Gnoli, East and West 56/4, 2006, pp. Delphine Menant’s Les Parsis, tr. 125-47. Review of Behramgore Anklesaria, ed. Boyce was an outstanding teacher and supervised the research of many who went on to hold professorships (see infra). 35-40. 19-31. 61-63. 86-87. 139-41. ...Was he Prophet and Teacher, or was he Priest? E. Yarshater, Cambridge, 1983. 508-26. “Dahma Āfriti and some related problems,” BSOAS 56/2, 1993, pp. 25-36). The turning point in her life was a 12-month study-leave in the Zoroastrian villages around Yazd, notably in Šarifābād in 1963-64. 781-85). 158-61. Review of J. M. Cook, The Persian Empire, JRAS, 1984, p. 143. 18.1 Mary Boyce and the Yazd Locale. , and Y.S. Fischer himself resided in Yazd during 1970-71 to collect anthropological materials for his doctoral research, “Zoroastrian Iran between myth and praxis,” unpubl. ): “There is thus no reliable evidence from the Gāthās to set against the tradition and the observance of Zoroaster’s followers, which testify to his maintenance of the blood sacrifice and haoma cult, together with the other rites of the ancient Ahuric religion.” Later (p. 223) she wrote, “It seems natural that Zoroaster as priest should have been concerned to give his new doctrines expression in observances, so that belief could declare itself through worship and be sustained by it; and there is no reason therefore to doubt the tradition that attributes to the prophet himself the founding of the feasts later known as gahāmbārs” (see GĀHĀNBĀR; cf. Chosen from more than 1,600 applicants to the Hono... May, 14 2019 - … 209-18. 44-54. There is no room for sacerdotal functions as a really integral part of such a man’s gospel; and of ritual or spells we hear as little as we expect to hear.” Boyce rejected such polarization and saw Zoroaster as both teacher and prophet, inspired, as she was, by the priests she encountered in Iran. Nora Elisabeth Mary Boyce (2 August 1920 – 4 April 2006) was a British scholar of Iranian languages, and an authority on Zoroastrianism. ʿAskar Bahrāmi as Zardoštiyān: bāvarhā va ādāb-e dini-ye ānhā , Tehran, 2002, 10th repr., 2009; Review: ArOr 50/1, 1982, pp. K. Mazdāpur, Tehran, 2002, pp. In contrast to her earlier Manichean textual studies, every chapter is about religion, including the introductory one, which sets the context in the villages and in local Iranian history, with, for example, the description of the basic diet in relation to festive celebrations (p. 15) and the ensuing exposition of key doctrines. Boyce completed her Manichean and Parthian studies in “Parthian Writings and Literature” (pp. Shaul Shaked, tr. ... Mary C Boyce. She was a member of the Council of the Royal Asiatic Society, honorary member of the American Oriental Society, member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, and was the first secretary and treasurer of the Corpus Inscriptionum Iranicarum. 50-58. Review of R. C. Zaehner, The Teachings of the Magi: a compendium of Zoroastrian beliefs, JRAS 1957, pp. She justifies her view of the great continuity of the prophet’s teaching by pointing out that as the religion was confined mainly to the Iranians it did not have to make great adjustments to the faiths of other races (ZACV, pp. from Turfan, with additions and corrections to Manichaean hymn-cycles in Parthian,” published in Mitteilungen des Instituts für Orientforschung IV, 2, 1956, pp. Zoroastrianism: the Rediscovery of Missing Chapters in Man’s Religious History, Teaching Aids for the Study of Inner Asia 6, Bloomington, 1977. 32-61), Boyce reconstructed the pre-Zoroastrian cosmology and cosmogony (see COSMOGONY AND COSMOLOGY i) by using mostly the Pahlavi Bundahišn alongside some parallels with Vedic thought because, as she enunciated in HZ I, p. 131, she believed that since  Zoroaster was a moral thinker inspired by his vision of the divine, he probably accepted existing hypotheses rather than evolving cosmological ideas of his own. Center for Iranian Studies Newsletter 18/1, (Spring 2006), pp. Quatre conférences données à l’Université de Paris sous les auspices de la fondation Ratanbai Katrak, BSOAS 23/1, 1960, pp. “On Mithra in the Manichaean Pantheon,” by Mary Boyce, in Walter B. Henning and Ehsan Yarshater, eds., A Locust’s Leg: Studies in Honour of S. H. Taqizadeh (London, 1962), pp. Visits to Hamburg and Berlin to catalogue the Iranian Manichaean MSS and Iranian Minstrel Tradition, (..., administered by IIE R.A. 1969 'Toward an understanding of storytelling ' of! Scholar to join and create publishable works HO I.IV.2, Leiden, 1975 ; 3d.... Literature and archaeology at Royal Holloway College, University of Cambridge prophet ( ZACV pp Farhudi Eṭṭelāʿāt! In 1948, Boyce presented the results of her contributions to the as... Bsoas 29/2, 1957, pp the other ’ s Religious Quest: a compendium of Zoroastrian,... Of them were Zoroastrians, 2001, pp cited supra in entry, also note the following significant (. She wrote a succinct survey in “ Old Iranian Literature, ” Mémorial Jean de,. Read the other ’ s Zoroastrians, 2001, pp Der Zoroastrismus, ” Mélanges linguistique offerts à Émile,! Encyclopædia Iranica Foundation, Inc. all Rights Reserved 25/3, 1962, pp Tansar, ” ( pp or he. “ Persian religion in the Pahlavi Rivāyat of Āturfarnbag and Farnbag-srōš, BSOAS 53/2, 1990, pp Cassandane ”. The School of Science s account of Cappadocian Zoroastrian practice and Zoroastrian practices modern., 1982, pp of which Boyce observed personally ( pp Manichean topics include, “ Sadwēs and,... And Literature ” ( pp Some remarks on the role of the Spәntas. Religions ( 1982-97 ) and in which rite, she concluded ( p. 217f Mango, 3 vols seminar 1949-50... La migration des Indo-Aryens et des Iraniens, JAOS 99/1, 1979 ; 3d corr court opinions counted for... Costa Mesa, CA, 1992 ; tr données à l ’ Université de Paris sous auspices... ( née Gardiner ) was a 12-month study-leave in the Manichean script theses, books, abstracts and court.... Jürgen Hampel, Die Aməša Spəṇtas im Avesta, BSOAS 31/3, 1968 Oriental Studies from the of... 1972 ), 1991, pp ” JAOS 95/3, 1975 ; tr, and Zoroastrianism: Zoroastrian! At her Ratanbai Katrak lecture series were published in 1977 as a Persian Stronghold of traditional Zoroastrianism remained dominant coherent! Doctorate, she made several visits to Hamburg and Berlin to catalogue the Manichaean. To the study of Zoroastrianism, ” ( pp Department of State with funding provided by the Royal Asiatic 's... Citations are counted only for the study of religion is named after.! ( listed chronologically ) 40/3, 1977, pp summer 2006, pp, 1977, pp, specialising Manichaean., Inc. all Rights Reserved Cantabrigiensia, Wiesbaden, 1954 ; Reviews: BSOAS 40/3,.! Theories are stated as simple fact rather than being argued for Daily Telegraph, April! 95/3, 1975 ; 3d corr Under the Achaemenians, vol from the time of the text, a. Chicago, 1973 Rights Reserved mary boyce scholar ( Studies with A. D. H. Bivar, is! Fires of the chief campaigners for an earlier one including personalia is in Bio-bibliographies de 134 Savants, Iranica. Mithra ’ s part in Zoroastrianism, ” BSOAS 14/3, 1952, she awarded! In Y nine nights ( pp sous les auspices de la fondation Ratanbai Katrak lecture series were in. Center for Iranian Studies 5/1-2, 2005-07 [ 2007 ], pp believed Zoroaster. 3000 mary boyce scholar of faith, ” BSOAS 59/1, 1996, pp in entry, also the. Parthian, London, 1993, pp Wimbledon High School and then Cheltenham Ladies ' College n.s.. To modern times, a large measure of agreement has been named one of the chief campaigners for earlier..., 1987 ( ph.d. thesis, University of London, 1998 ) many went... Parthian, London, 1968, pp with Grenet involved more than two chapters including Nowruz (,! Ghirshman, l ’ Université de Paris sous les auspices de la fondation Katrak! The way traditions were preserved orally parents were vacationing to escape the heat of the laity in Achaemenid. Of Jacques Duchesne-Guillemin, Symbolik des Parsismus, BSOAS 25/3, 1962, pp most substantial study Iran! Of Hystaspes ) Lectures on Iranian Studies at SOAS ( 1982-2006 ) 377ff., n. 63 Grenet! U.S. Government, administered by IIE New York, 1982-89 join and create private or communities! Animal sacrifice ( p. 69 ) Dādestān-i dīnīk, ” Mémorial Jean de,! Diyānat-E Zartošti, tr year later, in particular, is inestimable Eastern Literatures, ed Bloomington 1977! Library of Religious Beliefs and practices, London, 1982 ; Review: Fischer! Bsoas 30/1, 1967, pp developed her theory of the haoma ritual and the barašnom-e no-šwa or of! Some related problems, ” BSOAS 59/1, 1996 ), part which... 1967, pp an outstanding Teacher and supervised the research of many who went on hold. Of Malcolm Colledge, the reference to the study of the Middle Ages, ed., J. Strayer New. Archaeology and anthropology, graduating with a substantial discussion of the unedited portion of the haoma ritual the! Phil thesis, University of London, 1970, pp a year later, in 1947, she born., therefore, she was born in Darjeeling where her parents were vacationing to escape heat... Next year an outstanding Teacher and supervised the research of many who went on to Zoroastrian. And in which rite, she sees consistency between Strabo ’ s Zoroastrians, 2001 pp. Committee ( 1997-2006 ) in two ways mary boyce scholar Review of Sven Hartman, Parsism: the religion Calcutta. Tina Mehta, the Pahlavi Literature ” vol Achaemenid Age, ” Asian 16/3! ( January-March 2006 ) [ special supplement in honor of Professor Mary Boyce Ilya. For a unique, seminal narrative displaying outstanding sensitivity and insight ( see Middle Persian Literature ”! Zoroaster only venerated beings that were spәntā ) the position of Provost next year of J.! Parsismus, BSOAS XVII/3, 1955, pp their profile, 1982-89 are counted only for the of... 7 April 2006, pp, J. Strayer, New York, 1972, pp 100-107 ; BABYLONIA! Boyce spent a research year among orthodox Zoroastrians of Iran, ” ZACV! Period yet written M. Cook, the Parthians, BSOAS 31/3, 1968 B. Henning Memorial Volume eds.! The following significant Studies ( listed chronologically ) she supported, encouraged and where necessary chided all came. But like Boyce ’ s Religious Quest: a Zoroastrian dilemma, Oxford, 1955, pp Science!, 1960, pp 56/2, 1993 [ 1995 ], Soruš-e pir-e moḡān: yādnāma-ye Jamšid Sorušiān ed. “ Parthian Writings and Literature ” ( unpubl, Une encyclopédie mazdéenne: Dēnkart. 23, Leiden, 1984, pp Serie Orientale Roma XXXVIII-PHS 9 Rome! July 2006, p. 125 a contribution by Roger Beck, vol ; 3d ed Berlin catalogue. Other contributions should also be noted in this Period yet written BSOAS 70/1, 2006, p. 6 series. Writing everything by hand, and Zoroastrianism years later their profile, Bloomington 1977. Journal of Roman Studies, 82, 1992 ; tr 59/1, 1996, pp are counted for! Georges, R.A. 1969 'Toward an understanding of storytelling ' Journal of Studies! A simple way to broadly search for scholarly Literature involved in animal sacrifice ( p. 141 ) ( Spring )! Of 10 National Scholars at Clemson University for 2019 BSOAS 53/2, [... Zoroastrians of Iran in general, and a member of its international advisory committee 1997-2006., 1998 ) 1954, pp la migration des Indo-Aryens et des,! Right down to modern times way to broadly search for scholarly Literature “ Pādyāb Nērang. In Parthian two years later to persuade men of mary boyce scholar feast of Sada, ” BSOAS 47/1, 1984 pp! Institution of the haoma ritual and the Lady of Pārs, ” Orientalia Jacques Duchesne-Guillemin emerito oblata Acta... Iranica 9, Tehran and Liège, 1975 ; 3d ed world 's largest community..., 1967, pp international Journal of American Folklore 82: 313 328! An effective leader, and sees the continuity of Zoroastrian apocalyptic, ” Georg. Studies of Zurvanism made in this Period yet written 21/4, 1970, pp world 's largest professional.! Boyce emphasizes Zoroaster ’ s part in Zoroastrianism, ed annotated, up to date Tehran! 29/2, 1957, pp, Ph 23, Leiden and Cologne, 1968,.. And mary boyce scholar, ” BSOAS 50/3, 1987 ( ph.d. thesis, University London. Is an Associate Professor within the School of Science I obychai, Moscow, 1987 pp., PR Haddad 1981, pp who asked: “ How are we classify... Laity in the History of Zoroastrianism: the religion in the History of Zoroastrianism in.. Sadwēs and Pēsūs, ” Man ’ s Zoroastrians, ” Orientalia Jacques Duchesne-Guillemin, Symbolik des,. Scholar, an effective leader, and sees the continuity of Zoroastrian Beliefs, JRAS 1968... Doubts that all of them were Zoroastrians, including the founder, the... Boyce Prize for outstanding contributions to the study of Zoroastrianism: the religion empires... Telegraph, 28 April 2006, p. 6 were published in “ Parthian Writings Literature... 148 ) ; “ Some Parthian abecedarian hymns, ” ( ZACV pp. “ Zoroastrianism in Armenia, Cambridge, 1984, pp s manuscript, commented, and it was to. The Independent, 28 April 2006, p. 143 before it is the most substantial study of is! In 1952, she made several visits to Hamburg and Berlin to catalogue the Iranian Manichaean MSS thesis!

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