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demographic details meaning in tamil

Demographics is the practice of identifying groups of people in a population by their characteristics. The Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) today said account details would be available online from July 1. Definition: Hacking is an attempt to exploit a computer system or a private network inside a computer. Tamil language is one of the famous and ancient Dravidian languages spoken by people in Tamil Nadu and the 5th most spoken language in India. According to the 1991 Census, only 34.15% of the total population in Tamil Nadu was classified as urban but in 2011, it has risen to 48.45%, an increase of 14.3%. Tamil Vocabulary, Transliterations, Meanings in Online Tamil Dictionary Numbering about 64 million in the early 21st century (including about 3 million speakers in northern and eastern Sri Lanka), Tamil speakers make up the majority of the population of Tamil Nadu state and also inhabit parts of Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh states, all situated in the southernmost third of India. Tamil folk music is very different from the carnatic music. Population Notes South Africa ... Malaysian government recognize Tamil as a minority language along with Chinese. Tambaram is a Municipality city in district of Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu. It works offline. எழுத்து.காம் The following are common types of demographics. in a state, their health, their longevity, domestic economy, arts, In 2001, total population was 62,405,679 in which males were 31,400,909 while females were 31,004,770. Chennai formerly known as Madras is the Capital City of Tamil Nadu. The dynasty originated in the fertile valley of the Kaveri River. This new self-serve data correction website comes at the same time as some sobering statistics about the Aadhaar program and its success in India. Learn more. Its official and widely spoken language is Tamil. The meaning of chola Is unknown. Information about Statistics in the free online Tamil dictionary. These baby name lists are organised alphabetically. No_Favorite. Sinhalese and Tamil are the official languages with English also being a recognized language in the country. IndiaDict's English to Tamil Dictionary. Learn more. Originally Sanskrit and Hindi names. PROCESS. தமிழ்(Tamil) - தமிழ் அகராதி. In 2004 Tamil was declared a classical language of India, meaning that it met three criteria: its origins are ancient; it has an independent tradition; and it possesses a considerable body of ancient literature. share. Tamil Nadu is one of the 29 states of India. The folk music shows a lot of excitement. flag. Enter their Name, DOB, Gender or Address: Select any one or all four demographic information and validate their … What is NPR (National Population Register) in India, NRP Full Form, and Meaning: The NPR is a register of the usual residents of the country. Graphic Violence ; Graphic Sexual Content ; texts. All Rights Reserved. Tamil Dictionary is designed to facilitate the Tamil speaking users who are keen to learn the meanings of English words in easy and interactive way. Tamil Muslims; Total population; c. 6 million: Regions with significant populations; India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, Gulf states, Brunei: Religion; Islam: Related ethnic groups ; Tamil people: The community is predominantly urban. The words are available in the following discipline. Meaning of 'Demography' in Tamil - 'English to Tamil' Dictionary with meanings in english for tamil words. Verify the demographic details (name, date of birth, gender, address) of the residents provided on their aadhaar card. Vanniyar is … property, and political strength, their resources, the state of the It is the tenth-largest state in India and the seventh most populous state. Details about the population of Tamil Nadu based on India Census 2011. Tamil Dictionary Online. Caste demographics. Demographic analysis can cover whole societies or groups defined by criteria such as education, nationality, religion, and ethnicity. delve definition: 1. to search, especially as if by digging, in order to find a thing or information: 2. to search…. © Quagga Tech Private Limited. calculation of probabilities. With over 75 million inhabitants, it is the fifth-largest state in India by population. This issue is called a selection bias by statisticians. You dislike heavy manual work; as well, you are inclined to put plans off until forced to take action. Tamil definition, a member of a people of Dravidian stock of S India and Sri Lanka. Text book published by Government of Tamil Nadu. flag. The Tambaram city is divided into 39 wards for which elections are held every 5 years. Population of Tamil Nadu in 2014 With a population of 75,478,738 (7.5 crore) people, Tamil Nadu is ranked as 7th populous state of India. As of 2001 census, Tamil is spoken as the first language by 88.59% of the population followed … Chennai has witnessed a tremendous growth in its manufacturing, retail, health care and IT sector in the last 10 years. You make friends easily but must guard against becoming involved in the affairs of others or being too easily led. The Chola Dynasty (Tamil:சோழர் குலம்) was a Tamil dynasty that ruled primarily in southern India until the 13th century the other two royal dynasty were Pandian and Chera. Carnatic music is completely religious. Tamil Vocabulary, Transliterations, Meanings in Online Tamil Dictionary The major administrative units of the state constitute 38districts, 76 revenue divisions, 220 taluks, 15 municipal corporations, 148 municipalities, 385 panchayat unions (blocks), 561 town panchayats and 12,524 village panchayats. This light weight English to Tamil Technical Dictionary works offline and it gives the meaning quickly. Population of Tamil speakers in 2001 Census: 60,793,814 (6.26% of total Indian population) Population of Tamil Nadu in 2011 Census of India – 72,147,030; Tamil Nadu Caste Wise Population & Ethnic Groups. Hindu Boys Names and Hindu Girls Names. Reply. Its capital and largest city is Chennai. EPFO plans to replace PF account number with unique identification number, a move which will help in speedy transfer of a subscribers funds in case of job change and allow them to track their accounts … Malaysia: 1,800,000 According to the Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, notified on December 10, 2003, a Population Register is ‘the register containing details of persons usually residing in a village or rural area or town or ward or demarcated area (demarcated by the Registrar General of Citizen Registration) within a ward in a town or urban area. It includes both Indian citizens as well as a foreign citizen. It is the official language of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and the union territory of Puducherry. Tamil people like to watch movies. As you may know, millions of English speaking people in India and around the world are looking for English to Tamil online dictionary, So, here at IndiaDict, we proud to provide you the best and free English to Tamil dictionary here. While there is a history of political strife between the two races, the Sri Lankan government defeated Tamil guerrillas in 2009 to stamp out the Tamil secessionist movement.

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