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fundamentals of engineering mechanics

So put in six minus aids. So we have completed a Y b y, but we haven't calculated a X and B X. Vector Operations Example 1: a crime needs to be towed by two metal cables. You go mode. X equals zero. All right, so here we have an example. Clockwise is always positive. Tree were forced through his 40 newtons. So it will be somewhere like here. All right, so now we can do our some of the forces by looking here. So this is in the units off meters now. 56. I cross minus 10-K plus minus 13 J Cross 58 I plus minus 13 J cross minus 28 j plus minus 13 J Cross minus 10-K Mustn't forget all these little hats on top of the victors. Further Simplification of a Force and Couple System, 37. Then we have, um we have this distributed loading, acting over four meters. Um, I just did it for the Sekoff explaining purposes, but these are very highly used in this module, so make sure you know what I just explained. Which means we have a negative moment. But as you notice this is acting in the clockwise direction, right? 60 I, you could have written on Sign off 30 and cause off city. We need to calculate if a c in order to plug it into this equation. 8. Um, but you don't have to then calculate each step. So you could draw your Cartesian plane if you like. All right, so in this case, it's only twice so let's start off by doing that. Therefore, theater is equal to offer minus 20 54.30 minus 20 is equal to 34 point three degrees. Finally, there are a number of different materials that you can purchase to help you better prepare for the FE Exam if you are interested. All right, so we have the beam section. All right, the left hand side, on the right inside. So from this point to this point, we have two meters. 19. Free Body Diagrams Example 1: determine the UN stretched length offspring A. C. If a force F P equals 60 Newton's causes an angle off theatre equal steady degrees for equilibrium. All right? All right, so usually the the easiest way to go about solving this problem would be scale analysis. Because it's seven meters here, and the Z coordinate is this distance up till that point, which is five meters. So then the third member is nor equal to zero. So here we have the X y Z airplane. All the angles within a triangle at up to 180 degrees. So you know, you obviously know that some of the force in the X Men sequel zero Some of the force in the UAE must equal zero and some of the forces in the third mass equals era. But if you wanted to have three or two significant digits and can write it as eight comma 20 times 10 to the three, which is the same as 8200 if you want, you want to have to significant digits, which is eight and two. I'm sorry. And then that is equal to effects of If I Plus if, why over if J. Right. That is way is zero point off your Cartesian plane on that two dimensional work piece. But opposite in direction. All right. Minors force a C etcetera right in the magnitude off the perpendicular force is equal to the magnitude off this force. All right, so now we actually have an equation here where we can so full these unknowns. Which means we assumed its intention. All right, so that's just a very important thing to remember. If all right, and we have 110 degrees. 300 I minus 4 56 points, you one J aceveda to four significant digits for the intermediate steps on 1 33 points era for significant digits. Or you could just solve it on your calculator. All right, Been at point A. 'Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics' covers five sections: Particle Equilibrium. It's office equal to theater plus 20. Therefore V A is equal to two killer mutants. The central oId is once again 1/3 off this length. So if we have the seven you 10 force we have, it's X component acting this way to the right, and it's why component acting downwards. If it's not, if cross our that will give you a different answer. 37. As positive. So this component here will have to forces that are equal in magnitude, but opposite in direction. The members are zero force members. And then the magnitude here, this arrow length should be longer because it's a larger magnitude. So it's very important that you draw the free body diagram not only because they weren't markets if you don't have it, but it also makes life so much easier for you. And then we have the third member i D. So I d would be a zero force member if there weren't an external force acting at the joint . So now this perpendicular distance represents the distance between that point with a moment is acting or about the point where you want to calculate it on where the forces acting. If you got a negative answer, we that would mean have assumed the wrong direction on a free body diagram. So you assume it's going out all right? That is where the two members are connected. Free body diagram of the entire assembly would look something like this, but we have the Donald. So now we have or how values equated. Now, this is a very, very, very important formula You need to know. That's a which is the connection point of the forces on the rope. You will then get your answers all right for the different forces you were working with. So here we have point B, the X And while occasions is whether also to calculate notice that zit off B is at zero, all right, and then also called osos to calculate the zero off a All right, so it's this height off a. Last six j and in this is crossed with 43 which is minus 50 K All right, so you can then do the cross product of all these. And that's the high part news. All right, so we can then simplify this further by writing em. So now this is a sign convention you must follow. You just need to memorize these rules. And that is your value BC, All right, and that is the parallel component. We have I was, uh, downwards sheer force on. So that causes a perpendicular force, and we'll call that B y. 100 k So then you could say 100 divided by 60. Victor is a Cartesian victor that is measured in units of length directed between two points in space. It is positive, I hat and in the negatives, um, for the negative for the opposite direction. And then that is all in meters. So when you say from a TBI, you're saying the cordant or B minus the coordinates off A. So basically, you have to memorize, um, what would happen in these cases? 12. So that means that members f e e g e i on e. D. All not equal to zero. All right, we have I m over here, so I am acting anti clockwise. All right, so the way I'm going to do this is not the anyway you can solve. Are the position victor off B c divided by the magnitude off B. C. So that is then equal to, um So it's C minus B. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. So if I were to redraw this beam all right, you have point a over here, then halfway through this point is two meters because you know this link is formulas. All right, So if you want to cutlet if a, you know, using the opposite over the high part in use. In this case, it is also squared. And then we just left with one lost force year. It's through the same Troy. Course Number: G1013 Credits: 4 hours Instructor: Ellen Huang, PE Price: $40 Buy Course. I assume it's directions, same direction. So that's the X. Moments of Inertia: in this video, we will be doing moments of inertia otherwise known as second moments off area. It's rotating point a in a clockwise direction, so that is negative. So say you have an object. Hey, see, we simply say that Force a D, which we previously calculated as 787.4 mutants times 1/7 0.874 That gives you an answer off. Six points there a three squared plus five squared. How do you do that? Reduction of a Simple Distributed Loading Example: determine the result in force and specify way on the beam. XP is unknown, but X A is equal to 0.5 meters, which is half a meter. So this is I X through the centuries of the circle 1/4 pi r to the power of four. So at two meters, we have the downwards 40 killer Newton Force and then halfway through this section or this area is three meters. Geometry Recap: In this video, we will be doing a recap on high school geometry. So that'll be X squared over two. Which means it's negative. Oh, if it's because it's above point. So we can call that the force I see. Four point. If now we could, either. If so, we have the force, if off 300 Newtons rights. And then just the way to define a quotation, Victor is you put a hat on top of it. So if we had no external force, then these two members would be zero force members. Fundamentals Of Engineering Mechanics By S Rajasekaran Free Author: Subject: Fundamentals Of Engineering Mechanics By S Rajasekaran Free Keywords: fundamentals, of, engineering, mechanics, by, … All right, so our position vector is equal to the unit. So it's plus three. All right, Andi. All right equals 28 point 91 times 10 to the sixth millimeters to the powerful or rights. Killer Newtons multiplied by the distance. 7. All right, cause it runs along the positive X axis. All right, we know the magnitude of the fourth is 300 Newtons, so then we cannot use trigonometry. It will rotate of our point of a clockwise if our forces applied over there, which means it is negative. Killer Newton's multiplied by four meters because at a distance from a to the central oId off the distributed loading.

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