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slow cooker boneless turkey breast with gravy

We save the rich broth for gravy, noodles and soup making. I totally stunk up the house with sautéed onions at 6:45 am before I left for work! For the dry white wine… What's a good cheap wine to use for cooking? Remove from slow cooker; let stand, covered, 15 minutes before slicing. All this for 1 Freestyle point!!! My grandma was at my house watching my son and I asked her to turn it to warm once the turkey button popped out.. My turkey breast is only 2 pounds with bone in and skin on. It was delicious and ever so easy to make. Should I sub the flour for something in particular or just leave it out all together? This was amazing and super easy. THIS IS FABULOUS!! It’s actually the reason I ended up with the IP… my slow cooker had “died” and in researching a new one, I came across the IP! It’s perfectly moist, simple and delicious. I thawed it in the fridge for a few days and then made the recipe as directed. Will that work in the 6 qt slow cooker in 8-10 hrs? My family loves turkey anytime of the year and this Slow Cooker Turkey Breast recipe is one of our favorites. I just make slow cooker turkey breast this week, but it was no where near as fancy as yours! Not to mention that it’s easy. I'm going to try this for our thanksgiving! Corn starch? Pingback: Slow Cooker Turkey Breast with Gravy | Love My Pet. OR is there a better option? Debra. Combine seasonings; rub over turkey. Thanks for putting all the effort into making your recipes and website, Gina! It was tender and juicy and so full of taste. You can try broiling it, but this method isn’t meant to have crisp skin. I used a boneless turkey breast (with skin). Hi Dana – at what oven temp did you cook the turkey? Made it exactly as written, cooked on low for 7 hours. I was just wondering the same thing did you try broiling to give it a nice crisp? Could I make the gravy/veggies the night before (I'm not sure how the gravy would work in the fridge)? I think it's Namaste. I cooked a boneless turkey breast in the IP (pressure cook setting) recently and it was done in 30 minutes! slow cooker; top with turkey. . OH. Could this be done in the pressure cooker or best to use the slow cooker setting? Place vegetables in a 6- or 7-qt. So yummy. I have been trying to build up my crock pot recipe collection, and this is a keeper! The turkey came out so juicy and tender throughout, and the gravy had great flavor as well. Followed exactly except used all broth instead of water and at the end, I pulled out bay leaves and sage leaves and strained half the veggies and used an emulsion blender on the rest of veggies w broth and the gravy way amazing! Preparing The Turkey Breast Turkey Thawing: It is important to defrost the turkey completely in the refrigerator. Yum! And the gravy turned out fantastic. November 24, 2014 | Chicken. I will try this again and I liked having the pre-cooked turkey breast. We made this last year for a smaller group and it was fantastic! Slow-Cooker Turkey Breast with Gravy is a bone-in, skin-on turkey breast seasoned with flavored butter, cooked in a slow-cooker on a bed of fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, and white wine. Will this turn out good with a boneless, skinless turkey breast? I made this recipe last night. Both times a 5 lb bone-in organic turkey breast. I let it simmer/boil for 30 minutes and it was still watery. Am I the only one that can't get this recipe to be 4 PP? Can't wait to get home tonight and try it. Someone else here said it took 30 minutes! It already smells heavenly in here. I did a 3.5 lb one in the Instant Pot for 35 minutes and let the pressure come down naturally. Served with some separately roasted carrots and a green salad. Do you use for this recipe. The lock down feature is only to be used if you are taking the crock pot in the car , like taking it to a friends house, etc. It was good, but a little bland so I had to add a lot of black pepper to it. bone in, skin on (removed later), trimmed of fat, crock pot turkey, crock pot turkey breast with gravy, slow cooker turkey, slow cooker turkey and gravy. While a whole turkey won’t likely fit in your slow cooker, a turkey breast will. Because of you I'm now in love with my Instant Pot — but I'm still new to figuring out what's best for the pressure cooker. Decided to do an after Thanksgiving dinner and found your recipe. Look yummy! Do you have a flour substitute suggestion that would work for gluten free? Thanks for another winner, Gina! I imagine it is comparable but time may vary? Boneless turkey breast roasts are simply the meat from the turkey breast that's been removed from the bone. Slow-Cooked Turkey Breasts with Cranberry Sauce, 16 Slow-Cooker Turkey Breast Recipes for Stress-Free Holidays, This Viral Video Shows You How to Make Hot Cocoa Bombs at Home. Have made this about 5 times. I made this with a 4.75 lb. Rub turkey with seasoning mixture. This recipe was perfect for a small thanksgiving dinner. Just made this today for a small gathering with friends. Hello! how many days in advance and how would you store it in fridge? It looks thawed but I know a lot of crock recipes say keep the turkey frozen. I am rethinking it for this Christmas LOL but wondered if you have any smaller crock pots at home that you like. Cover and cook on HIGH up to 6 hours, until a minimum internal temperature of 165ºF as measured with a meat thermometer. Be cautious of hot steam and juices. It was out of this world!! Stir in remaining broth, water, wine, sage, and bay leaves into the slow cooker. Hi Gina, Looks delicious, but having no luck thus far finding a bone in turkey breast…Are you purchasing the t breast this was or buying a whole turkey and cutting it? Thanks! Either way, how long, too? Juicy turkey breast with a rich turkey gravy, all in your slow cooker. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!! This is, without a doubt, a recipe my family will cook again and cook often! Not only does this add aromatics to the protein, but the juices from the turkey simmer with these ingredients to make a flavorful gravy. This is a great recipe! Is there a recipe for them and I just missed it? The bottom of the breast, the part sitting on top of the vegetables, was close to being done, but approximately 90% of the breast was raw. Hers is not showing browned. I just have to say I made this yesterday in my dutch oven and it was FABULOUS! Spray bottom of the slow cooker with cooking spray to prevent sticking. Perhaps leave out the flour, then in the very end when you simmer the sauce add a bit of cornstarch. Art4vr – I have to eat gluten-free, and for sauces and gravies, I usually just do a half/half mix of a starch (like cornstarch or arrowroot) to a half of gluten-free rice flour, in the same amount as the original recipe calls for. Transfer turkey to a cutting board tent loosely with with foil and let it rest 20 minutes. Really moist and delicious. Using a thermometer will give you an accurate cook time. Melt butter in a 12-inch skillet over medium-high heat. But my gravy and turkey breast turned orange. I don't know if it was the bay leaves, or something in the mix of seasonings or vegetables, but I threw away the gravy because of the flavor. I know I will have a room full of full tummies. It fits on it's side, so should I cook each side evenly, turning half-way through cooking? First I would like to say, I have been following you for a few years now and my family LOVES your recipes. Also, I use a submersion blender when complete to pulverize the veggies. No-Boil Baked Ziti by Cooking with Carlee. Place the seasoned (see suggestion above) turkey breast in the pan and roast, uncovered, … A bit hit! It was easy to do and tastes great. slow cooker; top with turkey. Thank you so much Gina! I made this last Christmas Eve for my family. Thank you. Kids ate it up. Slow Cooker Boneless Turkey Breast with Gravy – Whether you’re trying to simplify Thanksgiving, or just want to enjoy a traditional turkey meal without all the fuss, this recipe is for you! Yes you can thicken with GF flour. I now have a new go to recipe for special occasions! Slow Cooker Chicken Breasts and Gravy is the ultimate comfort food. I made this turkey breast for Thanksgiving and it is a winner. This recipe enables us to have it 1-2 times a month!!! turkey breast but it’s not bone-in. Turkey is flavorful and moist. Worked like a charm. I've got this in the crock pot right now. Anything less is a disappointment. I wanted to take another reviewer's advice and puree the carrots and onions in the Vitamix to add to the gravy, but the turkey fat just clung to the veggies and I had a hard time separating it. Do you think I could do this turkey breast without the gravy? It looks so tempting that i am going to try cooking it during the week . German Chocolate Pie by Bakerish. Personally I would not stack two birds. This is a favorite recipe of ours- but I actually sub the turkey for frozen chicken breasts. Not a fan of sage – love your recipes – thanks! I got a boneless breast apparently, would this still work ok? I've made crock pot turkey breast half a dozen times, and I am hard-pressed to find a turkey breast that fits in my large crock pot without the lid popping up a bit, which will release all the heat and moisture. Are the carrots in the photo from the slow cooker? Sprinkle turkey with salt and pepper and place in 5 to 6 quart slow cooker. Tuck onion and celery underneath in the breast cavity. My turkey breast was a 3 pound frozen one-the kind that comes with the gravy pouch, which I discarded. Much too long cook time. I may try it again and really watch it. This is SOOOOOO delicious! Bake, uncovered, at 325° for 2-1/2 to 3 hours or until a thermometer reads 185°, basting every 30 minutes. I made this today and this recipe is a keeper! I'd ideally like to put it in the crock pot in the morning before work, but won't have time in the morning to make the gravy. In a medium-sized bowl whisk together the gravy mix, can of soup, water, thyme, and pepper until smooth, pour into the slow cooker. I hated my old slow cooker, it burnt everything and my food had a weird taste. So I bought two, 2 lbs each. I love the instaPot, purchased at your suggestion. Indescribably delicious, amazingly easy! Made this tonight and it was delicious! Making a turkey gravy. For cooking a whole turkey breast in the slow cooker, ask your butcher to remove the rib-cage section of the breastbone, so the turkey breast will sit flat. Tent the turkey with … Easy crockpot recipe for tender chicken and yummy gravy made with cream of chicken soup. Looks like the turkey stayed intact and sliceable — sometimes I end up shredding poultry cooked in the crock pot — still tasty, but slicing would be great! This took 5 hours this week, it was 5 lbs. Add ½ cup liquid. The turkey breast is cooked on a bed of onions, garlic, and rosemary. The gravy is a must, especially when there are so many incredible flavors just sitting at the bottom of the slow cooker. Oh, so good!!! Sure, it may take less time though so keep an eye on it and check the temp. Easy. Season turkey with salt and pepper, place skin side up in the slow cooker, cover and cook 5 to 7 hours on low, or until the turkey reaches 165 degrees with an instant-read thermometer. This looks delicious especially now that we are coming into the holiday season…my mouth is watering! I am hesitant about using the garlic. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. I am not able to try this recipe out before Thanksgiving so a bit nervous to do this for the first time for the holiday. Mine was 4.75 lb. Would you thicken the sauce with cornstarch? I’m making this recipe again today. LOVE this recipe! I had to adjust the heat to high for a few hours because my turkey was still pretty raw after almost 4 hours, which maybe why our turkey was dry. I made this today. Just got everything into the crockpot. Best turkey ever! Remove the gravy from the heat while you slice the turkey. A ton of different vegetables will work nicely in this recipe, so feel free to mix it up a bit. Leftovers were enjoyed for lunch today, and it was still pretty moist coming out of the microwave. I will use the recipe ingredients & directions, minus the slow cooker, again as it had great flavor. Juicy turkey breast with a rich turkey gravy, all in your slow cooker. I checked the temperature at 5 hours and 40 minutes and it was already measuring well into the 170s temperature range (both Gina and Butterball say you should aim for 165). Pour broth over turkey, cover and cook on low for 7 to 8 hours. Do you think your as-is recipe will work for this wild turkey breast? Cook, covered, on low 5-6 hours or until a thermometer inserted in turkey reads at least 170°. I love eating it paired up with cheese. I served the carrots and potatoes with the gravy instead of straining. As for the sauce, I think all purpose gluten free flour would work. Didn't have any wine on hand so I used cooking sherry and it was still amazing. Rinse the turkey breast and pat dry with paper towels. Cover and cook on LOW for 5-6 hours without opening the lid during the cooking time. And came out juicy, tender, and the gravy was perfection! I have a lock lid crock pot and it says in the directions not to lock the lid during cooking. Rub turkey with seasoning mixture. Thank you for sharing it . I thought I would try your crock pot recipe, but wasn’t sure of the temperature & for how long (since it’s not a 5-pounder). We eat leftovers but still. 2cupslow sodium chicken broth. It also has a probe for meat that automatically shuts off when done. I was multi-tasking and just missed that one direction. I will definitely make it again. Thank you. Used the Instant Pot from start to finish. The turkey was moist and delicious and the gravy was so simple to make and serve. I assume they’d be mushy. I didn’t want to cook an entire turkey this Thanksgiving. Thanks, Gina! Hey, I was wondering about the Instant Pot Adaptation? In the meantime, will continue to look and though, not preferred, will use a boneless if necessary…Thanks! However, this was so easy to prepare. I used a small turkey breast for this.It was flavorful, tender and delicious! And hoping a gluten free flour blend will work as well. Cooking the turkey …

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